Videoconferencing is an integral tool for communicating in today’s business world. Ideal for holding multiple location training, brainstorming sessions or corporate meetings, a video conferencing suite ensures effective data sharing and immediate face-to-face communications between participants in a variety of locations. We will work with you to design a suite that perfectly suits your space requirements and communications needs.


Presentation Technology

Capture your audience and communicate effectively with the best presentation technology tailored to the room and budget.  An audio visual projection system becomes a powerful tool for presenting and creating strong connections for every type of market.  A room in which the environment has been precisely designed & engineered to provide a maximum visual and audio experience.  Special acoustic treatments minimize outside noise, and measured speaker placement optimizes audio.  Lighting control ensures the best picture delivery from a hi-definition, properly calibrated projector or a sleek video display panel.

Interactive Whiteboards

An interactive computer screen utilizes touch technology to record information and allow you to save it.  With the single touch of a finger, deliver dynamic presentations and lessons that provide engagement with the audience.   With a computer attached to the board, whatever you write becomes a file that can be saved to your computer.  Imagine your hand is a mouse for the screen so you can easily navigate a presentation or file.  Get rid of messy markers and don’t worry about something getting erased.  Create a richer, more interesting environment for academics, business training and collaborative meetings.  We assist you in choosing the right size board, projector and calibrate the best alignment and visual display for color and exposure performance.